Tampa (FL) Chapter Of The Links Inc

Executive Board


Marsha Lewis

Vice President of Membership

Sonjia Little

Vice President of Programs

Julie Sneed

Recording Secretary

Bianca Taylor-Heard

Assistant Recording Secretary

Kim Price

Corresponding Secretary

Monique Stamps


Stephanie Howard

Assistant Treasurer

Marketa Wills

Financial Secretary

Rhonda Mims

Assistant Financial Secretary

Sharon Andrews Gray

Nominating Committee

Joselynne Ford, Chair

Jacentha Buggs

Monica Williams-Harris

Charlene Honeywell


Elita McMillion


Willa Peterson

Journalist / Reporter

Theresa Brown

Sergeant at Arms

Phyllis Lee

Historian / Archivist

Juel Shannon Smith

Protocol & Rituals

Kristina James, Chair

Bianca Taylor-Heard, Co-Chair

Alma Thomas, Chair Southern Area Protocol Committee

Courtesy Chair

Marlina McClure

Strategic Planning Chair

Liz York Cohen

Facet Chairs

Services to Youth

Ozepher Wilds, Chair

Priscilla Howard, Co-Chair

The Arts

Casey Curry, Chair

Kendra Frorup, Co-Chair

National Trends & Services

Mary Dance, Chair

Ruby Brown, Co-Chair

International Trends & Services

Brenda McKenzie, Chair

Health & Human Services

Maria Russ, Chair

Sylvia Berry-Andrews, Co-Chair