Tampa (FL) Chapter Of The Links Inc

International Trends

This program year, the International Trends & Services (ITS) Facet made it happen. The ladies of the Tampa (FL) Chapter hit the ground running and kept it moving. With an eye towards maximizing impact by aligning with National and Southern Area programs, our reach was vast – from Tampa to multiple Caribbean nations and beyond. Our execution was on point. Understanding that we are better together, The Chapter worked collaboratively to advance the mission of positively impacting the lives of people of the African diaspora.

Hurricane Relief & Model UN
Programs Defined & Aligned For Maximum Impact

On September 4, 2019 Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas leaving many in Abaco and Grand Bahama without their homes and resources. The Links, Incorporated National President issued a Call to Action. The Tampa Chapter was quick to mobilize. Led by the International Trends and Services Facet, the Chapter facilitated a supply drive collecting and shipping more than 4500 items, totaling approximately 200 lbs. of needed goods.

Model United Nations Primer

The Facet continued to align its Model United Nations Primer program to ensure that it was both enjoyable and informative to the students. The program exposes the students to international career options while helping to develop their research, policy formulation, debate, and presentation skills. To enhance the program, the Facet worked with the local United Nations Organization and a United Nations Consultant to formulate the program and approach. Keeping with the skill level of the students, the program led the students through a guided research process for their official Country Brief. The students then used that research document as a basis of small group discussion, policy formulation, and presentation. There are several United Nations Clubs at local high schools. We hope our students will have an advantage as they have already been exposed to the MUN process and purpose

One Mission | One Love

This years focus is on the Bahamas as the Facet wanted to also align with the Southern Areas One Mission | One Love initiative

The Tampa (FL) Chapter continued its support and work in Caribbean nations under the leadership of Southern Area Director, Link Sylvia Perry, and the One Mission One Love initiative. The program is aptly described by the Southern Area as a global embrace of countries of color including Haiti, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

Under this program, the Chapter supported the Safe House in the Bahamas.  Gender-based violence is a serious issue for the Bahamian people and government as systematic safeguards are being explored, the Safe House, also known as the house that Links built, provides needed resources to impacted women today. The facility provides for the immediate needs of the residents while also connecting them with services to enhance their futures. Ongoing support is paramount.

pictures: Safe House, courtesy of the Southern Area

In addition to supporting the Safe House directly, the Chapter also participated in the HUG program. As part of a supportive network of services, the HUG program seeks to uplift young college students residents at the Safe House with messages of love and support. This Southern Area program sends recurring HUG boxes to the students once a quarter. The three tenets of the program are to provide Hope, Uplift and Guide.

The need is great, and coordination is key to achieve maximum impact. Hence, the One Mission One Love programming is also embodied in the meaningful work that the Tampa (FL) Chapter continues to do in Haiti


Links For Humanity
Community Served: Mobin-Crochi, Haiti pop: 25k

This National program seeks to help people of African ancestry live with dignity. According to The World Health Organization, Investment in health programs is critical to the economic growth of developing countries.

Haiti, a country of African ancestry rich in history, culture, and determination, is also known as one of the most economically disadvantaged and under-resourced in the western hemisphere. As part of the National Links Help for Humanity Initiative and the Area One Mission | One Love program, the Tampa (FL) Chapter partnered with Village Partners International (VPI) to support services essential to promoting healthy communities and development. In addition to financial support, the Chapter also made womens hygiene kits/ Maama kits to be distributed in Haiti in conjunction with health services. The current partnership covers the 2019-20 and the 2020-21 program years (2 years)


  • Medical Patients: 178 + Vision|Glasses: 120
  • Child Nutrition: 150 Screened with after care
  • Education & Vaccines: 300+


Florida Museum of Photographic Arts Exhibit

In recent years, the facet has supported a cultural activity related to the African Diaspora.  This year we were fortunate to combine efforts in a multi-faceted (The Arts, National Trends, and International Trends) exhibit at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts, honoring the trail-blazing African American Ambassador, Journalist, Scholar, and Photographer Griff Davis.

Touching international affairs, the arts and national affairs, the exhibit showcased Griff Davis work as he documented the struggles and similarities of both African Countries and African Americans fighting for true autonomy. The Tampa Links were given a guided tour of the exhibit by its curator, Dorothy Davis (Griff Davis daughter) and participated in a documentary filmed about the exhibit which aired nationally.

The tour was featured on the Black News Network as part of the Our Real Stories series. Several Link Sisters were featured learning more about and supporting our rich culture and heritage